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Establishing you in your business by creating a distinct brand that powers your work and makes you feel good.


My name is Caitlin McClure and Feel Good Design is my studio in Mentone, Alabama on Lookout Mountain.


I strongly believe that all good design should make you feel something. And I also believe that if you feel good, you do good. It’s with that philosophy that I work with individuals and companies to develop the look and feel of their brand in a simple and organic approach.


Having been born and raised in Atlanta, GA, and now living in the country, I’ve embraced a saying that my husband and I originally coined for our daughters; “country strong and city quick”. With years of working experience, I’ve learned to incorporate the fluid colors, patterns and textures that I’m surrounded by in the country and contrast them with a structured attention to detail ingrained in my urban upbringing. With that in mind, let’s create something completely unique to you and your company that is concise, yet crafted to speak volumes.

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